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Step 1

Log into your Direct Admin Panel.

Nova Hosting Direct Admin Login Screen

Step 2

Once you are logged in navigate to the Extra Features section on your panel and select "Softaculous Auto Installer".

Extra Features Softaculous Auto Installert

Step 3

This will open the Softaculous Auto Installer, Once you are in the Softaculous Auto Installer click on the WordPress Logo and select "Install".

Nova Hosting Softacalous WordPress Installer

Step 4

Now you can configure WordPress to your specifications, from here all you need to do is click the "Install" Button at the top left or at the bottom of the webpage, but please ensure you change default values such as "admin" and "pass" for maximum security."

And now you're off! If you struggle with anything here, please do not hesitate to contact our team of technicians, we're on hand to assist you whatever the query.

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